Instagram Monthly Theme


This month's collection theme is "Haunted".

Originally planned to be "Ghosts", but I had more ambitions for this collection!

Check below to see what inspired this months collection:

Colours such as black, white, and orange are often associated with haunted places. Black symbolizes darkness and the supernatural, white represents ghosts or spirits, while orange is reminiscent of pumpkins and Halloween! All very fitting for the "Haunted" theme

The presence of spiders can also contribute to the haunting ambiance, as their association with darkness and the unknown adds to the sense of dread.

I wanted this collection to have a pieces inspired by ghosts. Very early on when I started the business, I designed and drew out a ghost mug idea, and I've been obsessed with the idea since. Now is finally my chance to get this idea out of my head and into physical reality!

Haunted is commonly defined as being inhabited or frequented by ghosts or spirits. This couldn't have been a better month to work on a "Haunted" theme, than the month Halloween falls under!

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